Every week, we highlight different communities (we don’t use the word tribe for we are many communities united by one common identity) by listing a few facts about them and then showing a music video from the community we are highlighting for the week.

This week’s crown jewels highlight are the people of Anuak. Also known as Anyuak or Anywaa, the Anuak community is located mostly in South Western Ethiopia in the Gambella region. Numbering roughly 300,000 people, the Anuak are mostly herdsmen and farmers who coexisted beautifully with nature.

The Anuak community have preserved their culture and customs for centuries. They were able to do so because identity through family is a very strong component of the Anuak culture. The Gambella region is at once hot but fertile, this environment makes it an imperative for the Anuak community to honor shared successes and shared tribulations.

The Crown Jewels of Ethiopia is a weekly segment we publish to pay homage to all Ethiopians. The point we are trying to make is that we can celebrate what makes us different and embrace the unique beauty of each community while remembering that we are Ethiopians above everything else. Below is a video by Metaferia Bekele that shows the beautiful dances and cultural expression that is at the foundation of the Gambella region. Enjoy this music and remember, we are one before we became many.