Ethiopians for Constitutional Monarchy

The Solomonic Bloodline Continues

Teodrose Fikre

An Open Letter to My Fellow Ethiopians

Let me start this open letter by first thanking God for it is through His will that all things are possible. There are no mountains too big nor difficulties too great that we can’t overcome if we have faith and […]

Seed Eaters: a Nation in a Perpetual State of Denial

These are the things we don’t talk about, the confounding issues we treat like bad company and refuse to address. The taboos I’m referring to are the schisms that were created 44 years ago when the Derg government overthrew Haile […]

Gobez Aleka Explained: Yichalal Ethiopia!

About a week ago, I shared a conversation with our chair Lij Teodrose Fikremariam that really struck a chord. He told me about an encounter he had with a fellow Ethiopian who advised him that trying to restore the monarchy […]

An Apology to Beta Israel: Falasha No More

The words we use without understanding, the utterances we speak without thinking about their origins and what they mean have deep and profound consequences. In the tongue resides life and death, the words that we use can either give us […]