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Zemene Zeregnenet and the Age of Arrogance in Ethiopia

It is not possible to heal from a sickness unless one knows the disease. Considering that Ethiopia is currently under assault from a virulent strain of tribalism that is tearing at the seams of the nation, it is important to […]

ሰባት የተንጋደዱ ነጥቦችና እነሱን ማስተካከያ እውነቶች

ባለፉት 44 ዓመታት  ስለ ኢትዮጵያ ዙፋን በማርክሲስቶች  የሀሰት ፕሮፖጋንዳና ቅጥፈት ታቅዶበት  በጣም አሳፋሪና መርዛማ የሆነ የተንጋደደ  መርጃ በዘር ፖለቲከኞች ሲስፋፋ ቆይቷል። ለውጭ  በሚሰሩና በውጭ ሀገራት ሰላዮች አማካይነት የስመ  ጥሩውን የሰሎሞናዊውን ዙፋን ለመመረዝ፤ በደርግ ጊዜና  ከደርግ በኋላ ለተወለዱት ልጆች ይህንን ሲመግቧቸው […]

The Monarchy: An Institution That Can Unite All Ethiopians

The political reforms being brought about by Dr. Abiy Ahmed, the new Prime Minister of Ethiopia, including the presence of relative political openness and freedom, are encouraging. Indeed, while many of the organized political groups are advocating for differing versions […]