Ethiopians for Constitutional Monarchy

The Solomonic Bloodline Continues


Gobez Aleka Explained: Yichalal Ethiopia!

About a week ago, I shared a conversation with our chair Lij Teodrose Fikremariam that really struck a chord. He told me about an encounter he had with a fellow Ethiopian who advised him that trying to restore the monarchy […]

Our Preamble, Our Promise and Our Policies

PREAMBLE WHEREAS a ruling class devoid of leadership would rather focus on short term expediency over the long term viability of Ethiopia; WHEREAS development of the economy focuses exclusively on profit motives of a few while disregarding the suffering of […]

Wa’Ela Tegaru Event in Aurora, Colorado

Ethiopians for Constitutional Monarchy’s Chief Finance Officer Mel Tewahade will be a feature speaker this weekend at the Tigray-Ethiopian Community Association in Colorado (TECACO )Wa’Ela Tegaru event. Mr. Tewahade will be representing EFCM to spread a message of unity and […]