Ethiopians for Constitutional Monarchy

The Solomonic Bloodline Continues

Bethlehem Bekele

Tenenet: Wellness Starts with a Conversation

Two months ago, we organized an event called “Tenenet: Seeking Light in Times of Darkness” that was centered on mental wellness and lifting the stigma off mental illness. Often overlooked and frequently dismissed as either a weakness or a sign […]

Why I am Supporting Lij Teodrose Fikremariam

I was introduced to Lij Teodrose Fikremarim few months ago through a common Facebook friend named Senait. After I tagged Meshesha Kassa, who is a descendant of Atse Tewodros II, on a picture I posted on Facebook, Senait tagged Lij […]

Our Mission and Our Hope

Ethiopians for Constitutional Monarchy is an organization comprised of working professions with diverse backgrounds and experiences who all have one thing in common—a deep and abiding love for Ethiopia. Beyond our love for Ethiopia, we are also united in our […]