On this day where Americans at home and all over the world mark the independence of the United States from the clutches of colonialism, we take the moment to celebrate with you and to wish your nation continued blessings. We also want to note that Ethiopians have been an integral part of the American tapestry, ever since the first Ethiopian merchants arrived on the shores of America in 1808, we have made vital contributions to society in advancement of the American dream.

Your blessed land’s greatest asset is the diversity of her people, God has graced your nation with the gift of many cultures. Where Ethiopia was the cradle of humanity, America has become the shinning city on a hill that embraces immigrants from all over the world. By some estimates, there are over a million Ethiopians who call America home. Outside of Ethiopia, America is home to the largest community of Ethiopians in the world.

Ethiopia has been a vital ally and an indispensable friend to America, our sons and daughters are in your military and we have fought by your side during World War II, the Korean War and continue to honor the values of freedom and independence that are embedded in the genes of every American. It is this same streak of independence that has made America truly great and a nation among nations.

While this is an occasion to celebrate, it is also a moment to pay homage for the many sacrifices that gave rise to America. We honor Native-Americans who were the original keepers of the land, African-Americans who paid dearly to enrich the nation, European immigrants who worked tirelessly, Asians who invested tremendously and Latinos who are vital components of society.

In a time where xenophobia is rising around the world, we are thankful to Americans who know and value the contributions of immigrants. #ThankYouAmerica Click To Tweet

As you celebrate your country’s independence from colonialism, we ask you to keep Ethiopia in mind. Our nation is undergoing turbulent times where dependency on foreign assistance and AID has kneecapped not only our nation but Africa as a whole. This same virus of centralized currency that is monopolized in the hands of a few is threatening to break the foundation of America as well. So as you mark your liberty, we ask you to be vigilant for freedoms that are not guarded jealously will disappear and be replaced with the tyranny of bureaucracy faster than the flash of a firework.

As Lij Teodrose Fikremariam noted in his latest communique, now is the time that demands unity and inclusive justice. The rebellion of the colonialists would not have succeeded if they were not united as one, it was this spirit of unity that also inspired Ethiopians to defeat would be colonizers at the Battle of Adwa. We wish America continued prosperity and ask that you continue to stand by Ethiopia’s side. God bless the United States of America and God bless her people.

Watch this special video that commemorates the Battle of Adwa and incorporates the defiance of Ethiopian jegnoch (warriors) with the spirit of rebellion of Haitians and the tenacity of Americans all into one narrative of unity overcoming injustice.