Given the dearth of information coming out of Ethiopia and the breakout of violence that has plunged Ethiopia into a state of chaos and pervasive disinformation, we—the citizens and friends of Ethiopia—find that it is imperative to have the following matters heard and addressed:

  • Whereas there are inconsistencies with the official government narrative and a lack of transparency, we urge an independent body be empaneled in order to investigate the incidents that occurred on Saturday, June 22nd in Bahir Dar and in Addis Abaeba
  • Whereas access to the internet, which is an essential mode of communications and commerce, is now subject to blackouts and denial of service at the whim of bureaucrats, we urge the Ethiopian government to stop weaponizing the internet stop impeding the free flow of information
  • Whereas cell phones and text messages are still blocked at this exact moment, we urge the Ethiopian government and EthioTelecom to restore full service of all means of connectivity and communications without any preconditions
  • Whereas local matters that should be addressed by local police is being interfered with by federal forces, which is a direct contravention of the Ethiopian constitution, we urge the Ethiopian government to stop imposing draconian measures on localities, targeting ethnic groups for persecution and demand that the same standard be applied to all regions without bias to identity or affiliation
  • Whereas freedom of speech and freedom of assembly is being rolled back under the guise of security, we urge that the Ethiopian government to respect the privacy and rights of all Ethiopians without bias to identity or ideology
  • Whereas people are being arrested without due process and without explanation, we urge the Ethiopian government to respect the rights of all Ethiopians, to promptly disclose the location of all prisoners and detail the reason for their arrest and to ensure that people are not being arrested for political reasons

The Ethiopian people have suffered tremendously over the past 44 years; after seeing a glimmer of hope last year, the precious few rights Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed delivered are now being chipped away. Our position is not to speculate about events that have transpired and continue to take shape in Ethiopia, we simply ask the Ethiopian government to be transparent and to give a full account of developing events. We ask the international community to bear witness and to press the Ethiopian government in order to affect the changes we stipulated above.

If you agree with the above draft statement, please sign the petition below which will direct an email to the Ethiopian embassy in Washington DC. Please feel free to pass this on to other Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia. Thank you for caring about our people back home.

Restore Ethiopia


I am writing your office today to demand justice for Ethiopia and to stand on the side of all Ethiopians. I urge the Ethiopian government to treat all citizens with equality and fairness and to stop targeting any one group or ethnicity for persecution. I demand that the Ethiopian government be fully transparent and that the rights of all Ethiopian citizens are respected.

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