WHEREAS a ruling class devoid of leadership would rather focus on short term expediency over the long term viability of Ethiopia;

WHEREAS development of the economy focuses exclusively on profit motives of a few while disregarding the suffering of our people;

WHEREAS the economic health of our nation is measured by acquisition of the affluent instead of being gauged by the plight of the least among us;

WHEREAS the wealth of Ethiopia is hoarded by a fraction of society while the vast majority are suffering in silence;

WHEREAS 17 years of Marxist nihilism followed by 27 years of tribal politics has turned a great and biblical country into a beggar nation and a charity case of global opportunists;

WHEREAS the full and God given potential of the Ethiopian people is stifled due to lack of opportunity and poor planning;

WHEREAS factionalism threatens to shatter our nation and turn us into homelands of tribes;

WHEREAS Apartheid has been reconstituted in Ethiopia as Ethnic Federalism is erasing the very essence of Ethiopianism and replacing it sectarian extremism;

WHEREAS a blessed land mentioned in the bible more than any other nation has been diminished by mercenaries who placed a Satanic pentagram on our beloved Sendek Alema;

WHEREAS we the people in Ethiopia and abroad have been turned into visitors in our own homes;

WHEREAS Ethiopia is a deeply spiritual land and foreign ideologies of separation of church from state has turned society away from God and towards self-interests above the wellness of the collective whole;

WHEREAS a kalkidan (promise) of a restoration and a prophecy of a national awakening will lead to Ethiopia quickly stretching forth her hand to Egziabher;

WHEREAS Ethiopia is a beacon of light and hope not only for Ethiopians but for all oppressed and marginalized people through the world and as we mend so will the multitude around our planet who look to Ethiopia with fond remembrances;

WHEREAS the time for politics is over and a time for mending our nation through love and compassion is an imperative;

WHEREAS the Ethiopian monarchy, an institution that kept us free of colonization and outside aggression for more than 3,000 years, will not go quietly into the night;

WHEREAS the time is now for Ethiopia to rise again::


Ethiopians for Constitutional Monarchy is determined to lead a movement of truth and reconciliation, one that will address the suffering—both past and present—of our people. We believe in one Ethiopia while valuing the rich diversity of our nation; we will not only celebrate the full scope of our people, every policy we promote and push to implement will be inclusive. Above all, we are leading an effort to restore the Ethiopian monarchy to give a voice to the voiceless and to give agency to Ethiopians who are being marginalized by a political system that is heavy on symbolism and extra-skim on substance. We are of the people, by the people and with the people, we will restore the Ethiopian monarchy in a constitutional framework in order to restore hope for all Ethiopians and accountability for those who govern us.


Ownership – Ethiopians are an industrial people, give us a little bit of land and assets, we can turn our nation into the breadbasket of Africa. We do not need charity and enablers, we need economic policies that are focused on empowering our people. We propose aggressive efforts to micro-finance, give micro-grants and bestow Ethiopians lands so that we become a society of owners instead of a nation of renters. Government should exist to empower people not to hobble them and then give them welfare, we propose a departure from the status quo of begging for donations from foreign interests and accepting AID and instead invest directly in our people.

Education – Primary emphasis has to be placed in educating the youth and giving them the transferable skills needed to develop a workforce that is at once agile yet dependable enough to create industries within Ethiopia. Education should not be one size fits all; Ethiopia needs technical workers as much as we need service professionals. Educations should be tailored in a way that gives Ethiopians a multitude of paths towards success and self-actualization. This will require education policies that are centralized enough to ensure accountability yet decentralized enough so that local needs are addressed by the people instead of being imposed by bureaucrats.

Community Empowerment – The viability of a nation depends on the vitality of the communities where people live. Ethnic Federalism that gives a pretense to regional control while siphoning resources from communities and turning people into dependents of the state is bankrupt. The only way to truly empower people is by returning as much power and resources as possible back to the areas where they live. It is an imperative to build local economies and industries that benefit broad constituencies within Ethiopia instead of focusing on developing the economy for the sole benefit of foreign investors. This does not mean we have to disavow foreign investment all together nor are we against prosperity, to the contrary, community empowerment will benefit all including the status quo.

Economy – Economic planning must take into consideration the sustainability of small businesses and individual entrepreneurs as much as it does building national industries. We do not propose the elimination of industry giants; however capitalism that unleashes predatory practices and allows the monopolization of marketplaces is immoral and ultimately will lead to ruins. We must pursue a course of rational development, one that empowers people while creating a space for large industries to emerge. Ethiopia is blessed with copious natural resources and intellectual capital, we truly can become the jewel of Africa if we are able to strike a balance between empowerment of the people and domestic capitalization of our resources.

Our people – We are a blessed people who are kind in spirit and communal in nature, these are the tenants of Ethiopianism that kept us for centuries and made Ethiopia a nation among nations. As we chase modernity and outside acceptance, we have strayed far from these roots and embraced a zeitgeist of avarice. We have lost direction as a people, 44 years of mismanagement and brutal treatments have induced a collective trauma upon our land. We can return to our pinnacle and become once again a nation among nations but doing so requires humility before God, compassion towards others who suffer and a spirit of patience and kindness. The time is now for the people of Ethiopia to have an Adwa Awakening, a spiritual restoration that is grounded in love and unity. The time is now for Ethiopianism to rise above tribalism and selfishness.

We will continue to build out our platforms and policies over the coming days, weeks and months. The policy proposals will be our guiding principles when the day of restoration arrives for the Ethiopian crown. As we continue to enumerate our vision and mission, we want to incorporate your ideas and your thoughts into our overall agenda. If you want to lend your voice to our initiative and propose ideas that you think we should incorporate into our policies and platforms, email us at