Colonialism never ended in Africa; countries such as France, Great Britain, Belgium, Russia, and the United States—with China now in the league of colonial powers—just became more cunning. Instead of ruling through cannons and bullets, colonizers made the strategic decision to govern behind the scenes. No need to have “boots on the ground” and invite the scorn of the public, they fostered hyper-tribalism by way of separatism in order to destabilize nations, steal the wealth of “Africa” and let a billion people live in abject poverty in the process.

“Liberation fronts” are the key to this insidious ploy of keeping country after country mired in cyclical violence and deficiency. By arming multiple factions concurrently and financing the government and opposition parties alike, hegemonic countries manufacture a paradigm of endless strife and sectarianism. The most important facet of this Machiavellian scheme is ethnocentrism, seeds of infinite war are sown by making sure that the ruling class and competing factions represent one tribe and forgo a broader campaign to represent all people. By pushing tribe and ethnicity, they are able to nullify a general consensus and erase a national identity.

As long as the tribe in power obeys the wishes of their colonial power, enough guns and money are directed to them to keep the status quo intact. Yet, even the most obsequious despot has to always be leery because at the same time the government is being given weapons of destruction, opposing factions are being armed to the teeth. This diabolical plot of supplying guns to all sides ensures that African countries are forever locked in hostility and destabilized in perpetuity.

As malicious as colonial nations are, their heinous ploys would not work if they did not have willing partners in Africa who eagerly take weapons and cash in order to elevate themselves on the backs of a people they pretend to speak for. Liberation fronts like the Tigray People Liberation Front, Oromo Liberation Front, Eritrean People’s Liberation Front, Western Somali Liberation Front, Lesotho Liberation Army and an endless array of fraudulent acronyms are nothing more than front companies of colonial powers. Instead of defending a nation and the continent as a whole from foreign subjugation, opportunistic politicians deceive their followers into fighting for their tribe and attacking their fellow countrymen.

A united people cannot be defeated, this is a lesson that Italians learned at the Battle of Adwa in 1896 and learned the second time through the kick of arabegnoch during the 1930s. After trying to subdue the one country that was never colonized through brute force, outside forces succeeded by toppling Haile Selassie in 1974 and inducing anarchy by way of the Derg. After 17 years of havoc, colonial powers followed up their evils by foisting the TPLF upon Ethiopia. Out went the lion of Judah from our Sendek Alama (flag) and in came a satanic pentagram as Meles Zenawi and his cohorts ghettoized Ethiopia along tribal lines and called their system Ethnic Federalism, which is really apartheid rebranded.

The same time the west was arming the TPLF, which was later renamed to the EPRDF, they were also giving ethnic separatists guns and money. What a brilliant plan, global hegemons played all sides and became the pimps to liberation fronts who willingly whore themselves for a sip of power and morsel of status. While the people they supposedly speak for are dropping like flies and beset by difficulties, tribal ministers preach from the pulpit of grievance and retribution as they stoke passions and inflame emotions.

The Berlin Conference that led to the slicing and dicing of “Africa” was replaced with gathering like the London Conference of 1991 where decisions that impact “African” countries are made by European and American technocrats like Herman Cohen, Madeleine Albright and Henry Kissinger. In 1991, they chose the TPLF and elevated the Tigray tribe to power. The TPLF succeeded in “liberating” their tribe as they locked Ethiopia into a 27 year cycle of ethnic strife. The Tigray people they supposedly freed suffered along with the rest of Ethiopians; a fraction of society lived like royalty while most became renters in their own country.

In a land that has enough resources to feed the entire continent, Ethiopians struggle while billions of dollars worth of raw goods are shipped overseas.

After nearly three decades of TPLF chauvinism, it was time for a “revolution” and a new tribal minister. Exit the Tigray People Liberation Front, enter the Oromo Liberation Front. Last year, Abiy Ahmed was chosen to be the new black face to lead a system that is maintained by “white” supremacy. After initially giving hope to millions of Ethiopians and promising to deliver nationality above ethnicity, Abiy reverted to the mean and returned to the tribal tactics of his predecessors. While treating terror propagandists like Jawar Mohammed with velvet gloves and allowing him free reign to spread tribalism and incite ethnic hatred, Abiy goes after his opposition—which are also ethnocentric politicians—with an iron fist.

The names and tribes change but the system of oppression never ends. It is given that cowards who pretend to be liberators are willing to sell the entire continent down the river in order to enrich themselves, what is sad is that millions of people fall for their deception. Yet it happens over and over again, Ethiopia is in the process of imploding because too many people have been conditioned to seek justice through the narrow lens of ethnicity. Jegnas no more, we are being hoodwinked by jackals who use the suffering of their people and leverage historical grievances in order to gain thrones while they indenture their nation to colonialists.

Ego is the reason why neo-colonialism thrives and why “Africa” suffers. Narcissism deceives people into caring about only for “their own” and forget the collective whole. The same people who were agitating for change and demanding justice all the sudden forget their grievance and embrace the government’s excesses on their tribe is in power. Even if their lives are in shambles, false pride grounded in ethnicity deludes many into believing the status quo is working for them when they are struggling with the rest of the general populace. But a day eventually arrives when the status quo changes and the tribe in power is on the outs, it’s only then that they start caring about the plight of the oppressed. Liberation to repression, this is Africa.

If we do not wake up to this lie of “liberation fronts” and reject factionalism, Ethiopia will go the way of Yugoslavia. Do not listen to ethnic politicians who seek justice through the narrow lens of identity, the minute they speak of nations within nations instead of one nation, just know that they are either on the dole of their colonial masters or they are brainwashed parrots who repeat the lies of separatism without questioning why outside forces would fund multiple factions.

We must return to the principle of Ethiopiawinet and beyond that find a way to forge a consensus among all “African” nations. Unity is the only way to liberty, anything short of solidarity among all people will lead to more suffering, bloodshed and mass-poverty. Like the famous saying goes, a thousand spiders can tie up a lion; we must embrace that motto instead of letting a thousand liberation fronts tie up the continent and feeding us to the lions of globalism.

We hold the key to freedom and prosperity in our hands; unite as a country and a continent or suffer apart into the future. #Ethiopia Click To Tweet