From New Business Ethiopia: From TPLF Frying Pan into Ethno-anarchy Fire?

Ever the optimist I still feel he is as committed to the One Ethiopia cause despite glaring obstruction and devious acts by forces close to home. Powerful forces are working in the open and in the shadows to shatter this now brittle nation. The PM is the juggler at the center point of this vortex and try as he might, has too many balls up in the air at the same time. The sense of having been betrayed is still something of an open question. It might also be a situation in which he over-promised too many things when he apparently did not possess sufficient authority to deliver and we the people over-expected too much from man who cannot deliver. [read full article by clicking here]

From Ghion Journal: Who is there for Us? When Suffering and Hopelessness Give Way to Tribalism and Hatred

Lest you think this virulent form of tribalism is endemic to only Africa, rest assured that tribalism is even more prevalent here in the United States and throughout the “developed world”. Whereas tribes in my native land are based on ethnicity, here in America, tribes are more insidious. Black, white, Democrat, Republican, believer, atheist, gay, straight; the ruling class have carved out an endless array of identities and convinced us that we are better off wrapping ourselves in the cocoons of artificial constructs. This is how a fraction of humanity can literally subjugate billions; as long as we are fighting over our differences, we will never come together to defend our common interests. [read full article by clicking here]