Pay attention, the hidden serpents who have been sucking Africa dry for more than a century and a half are now exposing their hands. Yesterday afternoon, Herman Cohen, a former US Assistant Secretary for African Affairs, sent out a most reprehensible and racist tweet in response to the upheaval that is currently gripping Ethiopia.

After an outbreak of violence in Bahir Dar and Addis Abeba that was followed up with a rush to judgement and an internet blackout that has plunged Ethiopia into chaos, Herman Cohen took to the public airwaves to incite ethnic animosity as he pulled out the tried and true methods of once colonizers who subdued Africa by inducing ethnic strife among her children.

Ruthless mercenaries have lined up to conquer Ethiopia for a very long time; Italy first tried to subsume Africa’s lone uncolonized nation into their would-be empire only to be turned into dust at the Battle of Adwa. They came bellowing veni, vedi thinking they had victory at hand but failed to account for the fierce independence of Ethiopian jegnoch (warriors) who met the hubris of Romans with a resounding embi (no) of our ancestors.

Four scores later, Mussolini—hell bent on revenge—invaded Ethiopia yet again. This time around, the bravery and courage of Ethiopians was no match for the superior armaments and chemical weapons deployed by the Italians. Though Ethiopians put up a fierce resistance, a mustard gas holocaust was loosened upon soldiers and civilians alike. Upward of one million Ethiopians where annihilated by Mussolini’s black shirts and fascist military in order to quell the Ethiopian military and occupy Addis Abeba.

The general in charge of committing this unspeakable atrocity and condemning hundreds of thousands of men, women and children to their graves was a monster by the name of Rodolfo Graziani. In his quest to break the back of the Ethiopian arbegnoch (resistance fighters), Graziani declared a total war against the entire population. He ordered the air force to indiscriminately bomb civilian population centers in order to terrorize the public and force Ethiopians to capitulate.

Ethiopians, when united, are unconquerable, its only when we are splintered and divided by outsiders that we allow outsiders to defeat us.

Bowed but unconquered, my father’s generation carried on the resistance for more than four years as Europe turned a blind eye to the suffering of Ethiopians. Our forefathers exacted a heavy toll on the occupying Italian army before the British joined the war effort in 1940. Within a year, the Italians were routed and pushed out of Ethiopia. Twice invaded, twice victorious; it became clear to foreign powers that Ethiopia could not be defeated through sheer force.

Where would be colonizers failed to conquer us in the battlefield and impose a new order upon Ethiopians, bureaucrats decided to try subterfuge. Instead of invading us with guns and bullets, they flooded Ethiopia with educators, philanthropists and missionaries. The goal was to induce tribalism and ethnic friction among Ethiopians, they realized that our source of strength was our unity so they decided to hack away at Ethiopia’s independence by making us devalue our heritage and have us chase foreign concepts instead.

The student movement of the early 1970’s was the first manifestation of this diabolical plot to fracture Ethiopia from within. After Henry Kissinger sold Haile Selassie down the river and weakened Ethiopia on purpose, our country was destabilized and ripe for a coup d’etat. Mengistu Hailemariam and his Derg thugs were the byproduct of foreign leeches who conditioned Ethiopians to hate their own history and to latch on to failed ideologies. In the process, the very essence of nationalism was shattered as the glue that held our country together was viciously aborted and the monarchy replaced it with Marxism.

Seventeen years of Derg repression witnessed more than 500,000 Ethiopians perish at the hands of despots. They wiped away the Ethiopian monarchy that kept our land safe from colonization for more than 3,000 years and implemented a bankrupt theory of communism that promised equality for the people only to deliver mass unmarked graves.

After close to two decades of Derg repression, the next phase of Balkanizing Ethiopia kicked in as a tribal based junta was selected at the British Conference in 1991 to be the new autocrats on the block. It was on this front that Herman Cohen was an instrumental figure in the rise of Ethnic Federalism. Cohen sided with the newly selected Meles Zenawi and his cohorts as he paved the way for their entry into Addis Abeba.

Above is Herman Cohen in the middle seating between Isayas Afewerki (left) and Meles Zenawi. This is how the devil keeps deceiving and defeating Africans.

Only after it became evident that the EPRDF government was on its last legs did Cohen pivot and started currying favor with Ahmaras, Oromos and other marginalized ethnic groups. The same man who once lauded the TPLF as they ascended to power all the sudden became their outspoken critic. For his “act of courage”, Cohen was received like a hero by opposition members who were desperate to have their voices heard.

Ever the opportunist, Cohen quickly threw the same Ahmaras whom he defended as recently as two years ago into the ditch as he now sides exclusively with the extremists in the ODP and OLF crowd. His two-faced approach reached an apex yesterday as he cravenly insulted Ahmaras in a brazen attempt to incite ethnic strife in Ethiopia.

What Graziani could not accomplish with his mustard gas Cohen and his cohorts in western capitals are trying to achieve through Machiavellian tactics. Diplomacy is the new form of total warfare and in this craft Cohen is second to none. What he and his axis of genocide friends want is for Ethiopia to become the next Yugoslavia. In order to achieve this end, they will play one side against the other in Ethiopia is no more.

What Cohen is doing now to Oromo people is what he did to Tigray people in the 90’s and through the early 2000’s. He pretends to be your friend until he uses you up and then moves on to the next group. In his wake is bloodshed and mayhem; destabilization and continuous turmoil is his only objective for Ethiopia and Africa as a whole. Cohen is a mix of Rasputin and Goebbels, an expert manipulator and a cunning bureaucrat who is able to engineer social chaos in order to reap the rewards of strife.

It is high time that Ethiopians stop falling for the deception of Herman Cohen and his kind who are lauded as “experts” and for us to unite to defend our land from his type of hidden despotism. I warn my Oromo friends who are currently thinking that Cohen is your friend, the same way he discarded Tigrays and Ahmaras, he will do the same with the Oromo people as well.

As for Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, after he swept into power promising change and echoing empty slogans of “medemer”, we now see him as a taker who perfected the art of dividing during his time as an intelligence officer. Leaning on his know-how as the founder of the Ethiopian Network Information Security Agency (Ethiopia’s version of the NSA), he plunged Ethiopia into an internet blackout as he plots behind an IP curtain to consolidate power and become Africa’s next strongman.

Pay attention to this picture and their intricate handshake, Abiy Ahmed and Emmanuel Macron are nothing more than puppets of a broader agenda to colonize the world.

We ask the international community, the free-press and people world-wide who care about justice to stand with Ethiopians as we face this new iteration of despotism that is encroaching upon Ethiopia. Do not be fooled by pronouncements of a “coup d’etat” that is currently being pushed by the Ethiopian government, an incident that was localized, implicated a handful of people and did not involve the head of state does not a coup make.

Abiy and his henchmen are using the same playbook used by despots throughout the world to consolidate power and exterminate their opposition. There to enable Abiy’s gambit is Herman Cohen who would love nothing more than to isolate Ethiopians along ethnic lines the same way brown shirts once ghettoized Jews in Berlin. We ask you to say no to Abiy and Cohen’s insidious ploys and speak up for the people of Ethiopia.

As for Ethiopia, try as mercenaries and global serpents try to erase our nation, no matter how many times they darken the doorsteps of Ethiopia, we will not fall. Though we have our moments of tribulation and times of hardship, in time Ethiopia will rise. We are a land kept and protected by God, a biblical land will not perish at the hand of devils with hidden agendas. #RestoreEthiopia