What we are aiming to accomplish is no small task; restoring the monarchy after 44 years is a daunting task that will require tremendous work. If we are to succeed in our efforts, it will only be possible if we have an organic and broad based organization of volunteers and community leaders taking part in our initiative. Though our aim is to rise above politics when the day of restoration arrives, we will have to emulate successful campaigns that have accomplished truly audacious goals in order to achieve our vision.

To this end, we are launching a campaign called “Gobez Aleka” in order to galvanize supporters of the Ethiopian crown and people who’ve had enough of the status quo in Ethiopia and yearn a truly transformational change. As our Chair Lij Teodrose Fikremariam articulated in his communique last week, the primary reason we are pushing the restoration of the Ethiopian monarchy is to give Ethiopians a sense of unity in a time where political and social tribalism threatens to shatter our nation.

There are many who counsel that what we are doing is a wasted effort, that bringing back the monarchy within a constitutional framework is a fool’s errand. Yet where some say it can’t be done, we boldly say “yichalal”. After all, eleven years ago it seemed impossible for America to elect the first black president and naysayers everywhere were saying it can’t be done. As Nelson Mandela wisely noted, “it’s always impossible until it’s done.” Considering the political earthquake that took place in America in 2008, reinstituting the Solomonic order that kept Ethiopia safe from colonization and external threats for more than 3,000 years is very much possible.

We have no interest in political revolutions nor will we accomplish our goals by force; the restoration of the crown will only succeed if we are able to capture the imagination of the public both in Ethiopia and abroad. Doing so requires a concerted campaign that will entail a communications push, a constant articulation of our message and most importantly giving our people something tangible. We will not be a talking society, we will be a doing community. The only way to achieve these ends is to create a diverse army of volunteers and leaders who have it in their hearts to give back to Ethiopia and to deliver change for our people. We are calling on not only Ethiopians to take this journey with us but all people who love Ethiopia and her rich history and culture, irrespective of nationality or ethnicity, to be a part of our this endeavor.

We are calling this volunteer campaign Gobez Aleka for a reason; during Adwa and World War II, gobez alekas were people who were identified as leaders within each region of Ethiopia and elected by their community to speak on their behalf. The job of a gobez aleka was to inspire his/her community to act and to serve as a vital link between central command and the community where he/she lived. We are using this same model to effect change within Ethiopia and abroad to restore the Ethiopian crown. This time around though, we are not organizing for war, we are organizing in the name of love for our homeland.

We are looking to recruit gobez alekas in key regions within Ethiopia, countries that have significant relationships with Ethiopia around the world and instrumental states within America. If you are interested in becoming a gobez aleka, send us an email to gobez@ethiopians4cm.org with subject header Gobez Aleka. In your email, please include your name, where you live, how old you are, your educational and professional background and why you are interested in being a part of our effort to restore the Ethiopian monarchy.

We are creating a platform for gobez alekas to communicate with our executive leadership, share ideas with one another and take part in strategic planning as we push to restore the Ethiopian monarchy. As our effort gains momentum and more people tune into our campaign, we will attract a broader level of support. To this end, we will continue to recruit gobez alekas on a continuous basis. We look forward to forming a broad and dynamic team as we work hard to reinstitute the monarchy, we ask you to be a part of this noble effort. Enamesegenalen.