When in the course of our history it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve political ideologies and return back to the spiritual and communal roots that benefited them and kept them free of foreign conquest, when it becomes evident that the status quo is spreading misfortune to many and enriching only a sliver of society, when the huddled masses are turned into renters in their own country while a fraction live like royalty, there is a moral imperative to course correct and seek restoration by returning to our source.

Seventeen years of Marxist radicalism followed up by twenty seven years of capital nepotism has reduced our beloved Ethiopia from a nation among nations into an impoverished island of despair. A land blessed with copious natural resources and intellectual capital that could otherwise feed the entire continent is instead dependent on AID and loans that has robbed us of our sovereignty and dignity and transformed a biblical nation blessed by God into a land of self-pursuit and self-indulgence.

Lost amid the cacophony of boast and bluster about economic progress is the plight of the people. Who speaks for the mother who struggles to feed her children? Who speaks for the father who is unable to provide shelter for his family? Who speaks for the youth who lost hope as astronomically high unemployment figures forces them to seek a life of sorrow at home or sends them into exile in hopes of finding hope somewhere else? Who speaks for the farmer who has been dispossessed of his land? Who speaks for the merkato vendor who has been forced to beg on the streets after she lost her business? Who speaks for the street children who go to sleep barefooted on concretes while the disconnected elites brag about GDP growth?

A time comes to say no more. Bekhan! Enough of tribal politics and ethnic democracy. Enough of leaders who take from the people instead of feeding them hope. Enough of the lies and chicanery as demagogues pretend to be for progress as they collect money in our names. Enough of division and hatred being fanned for the sake of political expediency. Enough of catch phrases, rhetoric and photo op leadership. Enough of chasing modernity while our history and heritage is being erased. Enough of worshiping foreign ideologies and isms while disrespecting and diminishing enat Ethiopia.

Ethiopia does not lack anything except for strategic direction and leadership that thinks for all. Our people suffer needlessly, Eyesus once admonished His disciples to make fishers out of men. He was telling his followers to empower people by giving them the means and the know-how to feed themselves. We are in a paradigm of deception where help is given to the people after they have been hobbled. This model of giving pennies with the left hand while taking dollars away with the right has to stop now! Give Ethiopians land and the tools to feed themselves, this is the number one objective of a government. Sadly, we are trapped in a zeitgeist where the ruling class give lip service to empowerment as they Ethiopians into renters in their own homes. Hebret belew gedelun. Ethnic federalism belew zerenet asgebuben. Medemer teblo tekenesen.

Ethiopia is our mother, from dust we come and from dust we shall return but Ethiopia will live on forever. Zelalam tinur Ethiopia! There is a kalkidan (promise) of Ethiopia’s renewal that awaits us if we return back to our source and stop turning our back on our spiritual connection to Our Creator. Ethiopia shall quickly turn her hand to Egziabher; when that day arrives, Tata (trouble) will be no more and our Enku (gem) will be restored. When Ethiopia mends, so shall the descendants of a people who were snatched away from the continent that was once called Ethiopia.

Africa was once called Ethiopia, the Atlantic Ocean was once called the Ethiopic Ocean and the Nile River is still known as Ghion River in Ethiopia.

We have a choice before us, we can continue down the path of avarice and selfishness or we can turn around as a nation and seek Egziabher who lives in all of us. No more mincing words and double-talk, now is the time for harsh truths and hard work. With faith and tenacity, all things are possible. It is time for us to roll up our sleeves and work to restore Ethiopia. Doing so requires leadership that is willing to sacrifice and serve and a broader public that is willing to follow their example. Let us unite as a people and restore our country for our sake and the sake of our children. May Egziabher bless Ethiopia, her 105 million children at home and her descendants who have been scattered throughout the four corners of the world.

A chosen people. This biblical passage has been construed for ages to infer that some people are better than others. Those who have the ability to discern without the need to elevate themselves above others know that the true meaning of that passage is this: some people are chosen to suffer in order to be an example for others. If injured people choose love instead of being bitter, they will mend and through their rejuvenation they will heal others who suffer. Let us not give our hand to antipathy or indifference because we were dealt an unfair hand, let us defy all obstacles by rising above our circumstances through kindness and compassion. When we do so we will be an araya (example) to the world. This is the future that awaits us if we choose it; there is a restoration around the corner if we seek it.

“Instead of your shame you will receive a double portion, and instead of disgrace you will rejoice in your inheritance. And so you will inherit a double portion in your land, and everlasting joy will be yours.” ~ Isaiah 61:7

This is our dedication to Ethiopia and all her children throughout the world, let us not forget where we came from, let us return to what kept and protected us.