Every week, we highlight different communities (we don’t use the word tribe for we are many communities united by one common identity) by listing a few facts about them and then showing a music video from the community we are highlighting for the week

This week’s Crown Jewel highlight are the Oromo people, who are the largest ethnic group in Ethiopia. There are many dialects within the Oromo community, however, the most widely spoken Oromo dialect is called Afaan Oromoo. Afaan Oromoo has more than thirty million speakers. Ethnic groups such as the Sidama, Berta, Adare, Annuak, Koma, Kulo, Kaficho, and Guraghe speak the Oromo language in addition to their own languages.

Oromos respect their elders and value social responsibility, helping others, bravery, and hard work. Most Oromos can count their family trees through ten generations or more. These values are expressed in geerarsa ormirisa (singing), storytelling, poems, and proverbs.

The Crown Jewels of Ethiopia is a weekly segment we publish to pay homage to all Ethiopians. The point we are trying to make is that we can celebrate what makes us different and embrace the unique beauty of each community while remembering that we are Ethiopians above everything else. Below is a video by Abbush Zallaqaa that shows the beauty and diversity of the Oromo culture. Enjoy this music and remember, we are one before we became many.