The monarchy is the head of state, but the crown jewels of Ethiopia have always been and will always be the people. Today, we are launching a new section on this website titled “Crown Jewels”. This is a dedication to Ethiopia that acknowledges and appreciates the broad beauty and diversity of our people.

You can go to that page by clicking on “Crown Jewels” in the menu. Twice a week, we will post a picture along with a brief write up detailing the community that is being highlighted followed up with a music video that highlights that same community’s culture and heritage. We don’t use the word tribe, that is a poisonous word that is tearing our nation apart.

For the inaugural launch of “Crown Jewels”, we are using a painting that depicts Ethiopians rallying as one people and putting aside their differences to defeat would be colonizers at Adwa. Our blood, our sendek alema (bandira is an Italian word, we call our flag Sendek Alema) and our spiritual connection to God, irrespective of the religion we individually follow, is what unites us as one. When we realize this, when put aside our differences and turn our hands quickly back to God, Ethiopia shall rise and be a nation among nations again and Ethiopia will be an araya (example) to the world. This is Egziabher’s kalkidan (promise) to Ethiopia. .

After this initial post, we will start highlighting different communities within Ethiopia. The song that we are selecting to launch this initiative is one by by Gossaye Tesfaye titled “Wegen Tesebseb”. Please listen to every word, he is singing our hope and our prayer for enat Ethiopia. Zelalem tinur Ethiopia. Please use #Fiker4Ethiopia to spread this message on social media.