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The Solomonic Bloodline Continues

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From All Africa News: Ethiopian PM loses father – State media State media in Ethiopia have reported the death of Ahmed Ali, father of the country’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali on Monday. The Fana Broadcasting Corporate, FBC, report quoted […]

In the News This Week

From New Business Ethiopia: From TPLF Frying Pan into Ethno-anarchy Fire? Ever the optimist I still feel he is as committed to the One Ethiopia cause despite glaring obstruction and devious acts by forces close to home. Powerful forces are […]

Condolences to Sultan Abdulkadir Humed and the People of Afar

On behalf of Ethiopians for Constitutional Monarchy, Lij Teodrose Fikremariam sends his condolences to the family of Sultan Abdulkadir Humed and to the people of Afar. Known as a loyal and dedicated defender of the Afar people and a humble […]