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The Solomonic Bloodline Continues


Tenenet: Wellness Starts with a Conversation

Two months ago, we organized an event called “Tenenet: Seeking Light in Times of Darkness” that was centered on mental wellness and lifting the stigma off mental illness. Often overlooked and frequently dismissed as either a weakness or a sign […]

Melkam Ashenda to all Ethiopians

On this day that our Tigray brothers and sister celebrate Ashenda to mark the end of the Filseta fasting period, we wish all Ethiopians a joyful remembrance of Dengel Mariam’s dormition and ascension to heaven. Ashenda is a celebration of […]

Inflection Point: Tenenet Starts with a Conversation

Yesterday afternoon, more than a hundred people attended “Tenenet: Seeking Light in Times of Darkness”, an event organized by Ethiopians for Constitutional Monarchy and held at Arlington Central Library. The event kicked off with feature speaker Sina Demsash who conveyed […]

Community Event: Tenenet – Seeking Light in Times of Darkness

On Saturday, August 17th, we will be hosting a special event that focuses on mental health and wellness within the Ethiopian community. As evidenced by more and more tragic stories emerging about Ethiopians taking drastic measures to deal with depression, […]