Ethiopians for Constitutional Monarchy

The Solomonic Bloodline Continues

Month: August 2019

Anger and Bitterness Do Not Redress Injustice

There is a reason why the wisest teacher once advise his disciples and all who would listen to love your neighbors as we love yourself. As we give to others, we give to ourselves. Kindness displayed is returned with joys. […]

Melkam Ashenda to all Ethiopians

On this day that our Tigray brothers and sister celebrate Ashenda to mark the end of the Filseta fasting period, we wish all Ethiopians a joyful remembrance of Dengel Mariam’s dormition and ascension to heaven. Ashenda is a celebration of […]

The Lies of “Liberation Fronts”

Colonialism never ended in Africa; countries such as France, Great Britain, Belgium, Russia, and the United States—with China now in the league of colonial powers—just became more cunning. Instead of ruling through cannons and bullets, colonizers made the strategic decision […]

Inflection Point: Tenenet Starts with a Conversation

Yesterday afternoon, more than a hundred people attended “Tenenet: Seeking Light in Times of Darkness”, an event organized by Ethiopians for Constitutional Monarchy and held at Arlington Central Library. The event kicked off with feature speaker Sina Demsash who conveyed […]